Advisory Services for Your Business

Fiske provides a wide variety of business advisory services to our clients’ management teams. Fiske prepares cash flow forecasts that help companies identify future needs for funding either through loans or lines of credit. The forecasts also help anticipate times when controllable expenditures will need to be adjusted because cash reserves are low.

Our certified public accountants prepare forecasts that can be used by clients when applying for credit. That credit may be needed to fund equipment or expansion, or to meet current obligations through a line of credit.

Our experts also look at the effects that economic and market conditions may have on corporate finances. Even before times of economic trouble, the analysis can help identify which non-paying or late-paying customers may have the greatest effect on corporate cash reserves. This knowledge can help prioritize collection efforts. The projections can also help identify when inventories or capacity are too great given anticipated demand for a company’s products and services.


Fiske provides management consulting services related to:
• Controls Over Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements
• Distributions Related to Cash Surpluses
• Exposure to Uncollected Receivables
• Management of Payables
• Inventory Levels
• Large Capital Expenditures
• Nonprofit Compensation Studies

For expert small business advisory services in South Florida, contact Fiske today.

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