True ‘Court Confessions’ of a Financial Expert

There’s a fundamental understanding—or maybe a misunderstanding—of the role of a financial expert in litigation. Sometimes, an attorney or, more likely, a client will not realize that the role of a financial expert is not the same as that of a lawyer. We are there...

court confessions
Business Valuation

Got Fraud? Call a Forensic Accountant

Fraud perpetrated by employees, management, vendors or customers can happen to any business. And if it does, it can take years to recover from the financial losses and reputational damage. In some cases — especially those involving small companies that lack the...

Forensic Accounting

Keep an Eye out For Executive Fraud

Occupational fraud can be defined as crimes committed by employees against the organizations that they work for. Perhaps its most dangerous variation is executive fraud — that is, wrongdoings by those in the C-Suite. Senior-level execs are in a prime position to...


When a Valuation Professional Finds Fraud

Imagine you’ve got your eye on a business that seems like an attractive investment or acquisition target. It boasts strong earnings, competitive growth estimates and a clean balance sheet. But this business has a secret: fraud. And fraud can dramatically change the...

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